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Brad Albrecht ( (no email) )
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 18:35:47 -0800

Actually, if you see REAL spam from hotmail, they are very responsive about
removing that user. Unfortunately, since it is so big (like, most
people just put a bogus reply email from or nothing
you can do about that. Watch the headers and block the people that support
spam. You will find a suprising trend in what servers it really comes

On a similar note, if you allow your customers to send mail as if they are
from another account (like if I want to send mail, with a return address of
my hotmail account), then what stops anyone from saying they are from
hotmail? Who's ligit? If you find a way to block it, there will be a way
around your block. I don't think that even legislation can help at this

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From: Kurt A. Butzin, DDS <>
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Date: Saturday, January 31, 1998 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: relay spam

>It got so bad with spam from hotmail that we have blocked the whole domain.
>I've received exactly two complaints after doing from clients you said they
>couldn't send them mail from home where they have hotmail accounts. We
>also noticed an increase in the use of incrementing numbers for name and
>domain both, I don't know how to eliminate these, any ideas?
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>From: John Barrett <>
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>Date: Saturday, January 31, 1998 3:35 PM
>Subject: Re: relay spam
>>Mitch Wagers wrote:
>>> Members,
>>> I just thought I would try and be informative...we got hit *hard* last
>>> night with nearly 3000 emails that were relayed through our system.
>>> we are getting messages from the people that were recipients seriously
>>> complaining about the SPAM originating from us! However, it didn't
>>> originate from us and we now have a block put on * because
>>> is one of the locations it originated from. I've also locked down all
>>> mail except from our local hosts/domains so hopefully nothing like this
>>> will happen again. I encourage ALL of you that run mail servers to do
>>> Individuals/companies that do this make me incredibly angry, but what
>>> you do?
>>> The message pertained to "MAKE MONEY FAST" schemes, of course.
>>> Owners were, whether that is a valid address I have no
>>> idea, but he's blocked too.
>>> Regards,
>>> Mitch
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>>Good luck with this one Mitch, The ones we got used an incrementing
>>address. We've tried but he always finds a way back in. He does not
>>relay off of us but he sends junk to our users regularly. We get the
>>bounce off of AOL and Hotmail both. It's not like I can block the whole
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