Re: Click of Death claims 5

cyborg ( )
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 16:26:40 -0800

You didn't sppecify if this happened on a Macintosh system or on Windows
based machine.


Chilton wrote:
> Hey gang,
> If you have a ZIP drive, or know someone who does, please read this.
> I'm urging everyone on this list to back up any and all data currently on
> ZIP disks to another media. In the last three days I've lost over a gig
> of email, data, photo scans, and source code. Only about a tenth of it is
> archived elsewhere. And I'm just a little unhappy. Luckily, my drive was
> under warranty (by 3 days), but the data on 5 of my archive disks is now
> Don't let this happen to you. Backup your data onto any other media.
> Heck, my 3.5" diskette archive (which I never got around to moving to
> ZIP) is still intact.
> I really hope Iomega figures out how to retrieve info on those disks. I'm
> sure the data is still physically there, but if I can't get to it, that's
> not much consolation.
> Just ranting.
> -Chilton
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