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Fine Cable Modems are out... but the problem still lies with the
technology... Cable Modems are Prone to RF Interference. Wireless Phones,
Cellphones, CBs will all interfere with Cable since Cable is analog
technology. The Problem with cable is the same thing like a tree through
seasons. In Spring, the buds come out (few people on cable = fast), in
Summer the leaves come out (More people get online, More branches made, More
routers needed, Longer route to take to hit the Internet), In Fall the
leaves change Colour (Over crowding on Cable modem, Cable network can't
handle demand, starts collapsing), in Winter the Leaves fall off (To many
people unsatisfied with the performance of cable, too many restrictions,
Dump cable and get ADSL).

Digital is always better than Analog. Also Security wise, ADSL is more
secure than Cable. If you connect to a cablemodem, you are Highly proned to
have others browse your computer and even erase files without you knowing it
(Hmm I wonder what would happen if I erased your IO.SYS or MSDOS.SYS, j/king
but hypothetically can happen easily).

We are back to the good old battle of Serial and Parallel Networks. what
would you rather have? Full 10MB access to the Hub or between 1000
computers, share that 10MB Hub?

Just think about it. Serial is the good ol' 10base2 (Coaxial net connect) vs
Twisted Pair. What you think would function in the long run? I think TP
would be the better alternative.

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>If you are an ISP like myself, you should hope it doesn't. Cable modem in
my area is
>spreading like the plague. $39 per month for 512k down and 64k up and it
is every bit
>what they promise! I should know I bought it because I can't even get ISDN
lines ran to
>my home from the Telco for cheaper that that. I have about $50,000 wrapped
up in a
>high-end remote access concentrator that I could be connecting to with
ISDN. Give me one
>good reason why anyone would pay the Telco $46 for ISDN and their ISP
$49.95 (our price)
>for dual channel unlimited dial-up? I think all the little ISP's should be
praying right
>now, because in 3-7 years 75% of you will all be out of business!
>Mitch Wagers wrote:
>> ADSL will die.
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>> A lot of news is out about ADSL. How do other ISPs feel about ADSL? Are
>> the small independent ISPs going to be able to play a part in ADSL? With
>> ADSL and cable modems are the small ISPs going out of business and a
>> monopoly will emerge?
>> Comments welcomed....
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