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I just went to ComNet today and spoke with several manufacturers marketing
their ADSL solutions, and everyone without fail insisted that the distance
limitations were from the host equipment to the end user equipment. I asked
them each specifically if the distance was calculated from each site to the
CO, with the distance between COs ignored and they said absolutely not!
They said that the circuit was like a dry loop circuit with the copper pairs
going from point A to point B un-interrupted.

That's not what we have been hearing here in other posts, and I don't claim
to know myself, that's just was the boys in the suits are saying here in DC.

The longest demonstration I saw today was 20K feet, and the connection was
under 128K in both directions. So if what they are saying is correct, and
you can't connect a customer 20 miles away (using the 5000ft to CO, and
8000ft to CO, with no penalty from CO to CO method) then I don't see how
ADSL is going to be a feasible solution outside of the densely populated
metropolitan areas. If it will work like that, and the sales boys don't
know what they're talking about (I know, I know) then we'd all better start
looking for the solution we're going to implement!

Mike Davis
DCS Online
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>> A lot of news is out about ADSL. How do other ISPs feel about ADSL? Are
>> the small independent ISPs going to be able to play a part in ADSL? With
>> ADSL and cable modems are the small ISPs going out of business and a
>> monopoly will emerge?
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