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|Let me take these in order... it'd be less messy if you knew how to make
|your email client break at 80 columns, but work with me here...
|At 09:06 AM 1/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
|>This comment reflects your obvious ignorance.
|That's constructive. See last statement.

thats right....

|>Java and other "sandbox" based languages are terribly limited in what they
|can access on a local client hard drive and are therefore very limited in
|what they can do.
|I agree 100%. This is by design. The sandbox model is crucial to
|security on the local client. The fact that ActiveX has unlimited control
|the "local client hard drive" is NOT a feature, it is a security liability.

I think that both Java and Activex are wrong here, the user should be the
one that choses, that is it would be better if Java had an option to access
the local system, and Activex an option to deny that access.....

|>ActiveX (previously OLE) is an incredibly powerful croos platform cross-
|application method of implementation that will be around long after
|has gone away.
|Cross platform? What? You've been attending too many redmond love-ins.
|only platform ActiveX supports natively is Win32; i've heard of some third
|party emulation/porting attempts, and some promises from M$ that ActiveX
|actually work on the Mac sometime before we die.

actually it currently works on the mac, and as it is COM based, shoul work
on Unix without much trouble, as there are currently ports of COM to Unix in
development, what is true is that you have to recompile to each plataform to
support them, but it is transparent for the end user.

I think that none of this technologies are bad nor evil, one is more suited
to some stuff than the other, thats it, I feel that they are not exclusive
but complimentary to each other, if you don't like one, then don't use it,
if you like both use both, they're great!