Netscape vs. Internet Explorer Comparison trials

Chilton ( )
Sat, 24 Jan 98 14:46:20 -0600

Ok, I've had it with the pathetic browser comparison pages. I'm doing my
own. But I need your help!

What aspects should I compare? Here are the ones I have schemed up so
far. Please let me know if there are other aspects that I have missed,
that are important to you, and for that matter, your users.


Java compatability
Memory requirements
Hard drive space requirements
Minimum system requirements
Reliance on TSRs, Extensions, Inits, and other system level software
Speed at loading a page of text
Speed at loading a page of tables and text
Speed at loading a graphically intense page
Speed at loading a page with frames, tables, text, and lots of graphics

Did I miss one? Several? Let me know and this week I'll host a massive
test to find out who is the true winner, or at least what each one is
better at.

-Chilton Webb

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