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Well, then, I guess you have not seen how the phone switches use the ADSL
Technology to make it longer than 12,000 Feet. Here in Canada, they are
testing it and you can have customers connect to ADSL that are 12,000 Feet
from the Bell's CO. This offers a wider area than Cable Modems and less lag
and problems since the technology is Digital, not like Cable Modem's Analog

I could offer ADSL to customers that are 30 miles away or 5 miles away and
still offer better speeds than Cable modems.

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>I've done my research, I know enough about it to stay away from it!
>From: Gregory W. Bondy
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>Heh. So will you. Doesn't mean you should be completely ignored.
>then again... ;)
>We are testing ADSL here and it is very interesting. It's not quite
>yet, but any technology where you can approach ethernet speeds on a cheap
>pair of copper over 5,000 feet is worth looking at.
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>>ADSL will die.
>>From: Marvin Anglin
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>>A lot of news is out about ADSL. How do other ISPs feel about ADSL? Are
>>the small independent ISPs going to be able to play a part in ADSL? With
>>ADSL and cable modems are the small ISPs going out of business and a
>>monopoly will emerge?
>>Comments welcomed....
>>Marvin Anglin
>>Atlanta On-Line InterNet, Inc.
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