Re: Spaghetti Upgrade

Philip de Lisle ( )
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 08:13:14 +0000

At 10:00 26/01/98 +1100, Dan Waldron wrote:
>Anyone else having trouble getting an upgrade key out of Avirt for Spaghetti
>2.0? Did anyone else here (like me) purchase version 1.51 because you were
>told that upgrades to any future versions were going to be free? I'm having
>difficult getting any more than a DEMO key out of Avirt!

I'm d/l'ing the shipping version of 2.0 while typing this, but when the
preview was available, my 1.51 key worked fine so I'd give that a try and
see what happens (I'll be doing the same later this week so please let me
know by email how you get on)



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