RE: The Greate Browser Poll of '98 Results!

Chilton ( )
Sat, 24 Jan 98 13:31:10 -0600

>You're right.. this confuses me... we went to IE3.2 and no IE4.0 because
>the IEAK to distribute was free and Netscape wanted an arm and a leg...
>Now that we have put the energy into learning the IEAK.. and with the
>inclusion of netmeeting, the netshow player etc... that are part of 4.0 I
>can't IMAGINE that 80% of the bundlers want to go with netscape... I think
>this data must be terrible skewed..... Does netscape now offer the
>equivalent of the IEAK for netscape???
Excellent points. Keep in mind that this survey was taken recently, and
the ISPs that responded probably haven't had much of a chance to play
around with the offerings from both camps and compare the two.

As I understand it, Netscape does offer some kind of configuration
utility comparable to IEAK, but I haven't explored this myself.


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