Fwd: Netscape News Server and Cyclone feeds

Michael Whisenant ( mwhisen@airnet.net )
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 12:45:39 -0600

>Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 12:44:58 -0600
>To: RadiusNT@iea-software.com, emerald@emerald.iea.com
>From: Michael Whisenant <mwhisen@airnet.net>
>Subject: Netscape News Server and Cyclone feeds
>Cc: support@highwind.com
>Bcc: judym@netscape.com,
> Sorry for the intrusion if you are not running Netscape News or Collabra
Messaging server on NT. However, so many ISPs have very similar situations
on this list and indeed I have found two others on this list already that I
felt this would be necessary. It appears that a recent change in many
backbone providers (at least BBNPlanet, AT&T, and Sprint) news routers is
causing Netscape servers running on NT to fail. The common feature is the
backbone provider using Cyclone and the ISP running any version of Netscape
on Windows NT. This problem first reported incident known is around Jan
12, 1998. Sprint customers first report is around Jan 20, 1998.
> The error reported is either a Dr. Watson access violation, or an
innd.exe popup Application error. Whichever the ISP receives it will
ALWAYS be the same error. Each ISP know presently has replaced memory and
more hardware as available to try and resolve the problem. I personally
have replaced every hardware item with NEW items 1 at a time to isolate the
problem. Netscape has been of no assistance, reporting that it must be a
hardware issue. Until last evening they were telling each ISP that it was
isolated to just them. Now Netscape has pointed to this common thread that
if the ISP is running Netscape on NT and your feed is from a Cyclone feed
then you may be having this problem. I am working with BBNPlanet and
Cyclone to see if they made a recent change. I have been successfully
running the above combination for 5-6 months.
> Cyclone has suggested to BBN to reduce the number of groups, limit size
of articles, etc... THIS WILL NOT WORK! I have reduced the number of
groups to less than 1000 and article size to 64000 bytes. I know of ISPs
that between us we have tried every combination known. If you are having
this problem then please reply to me personally or once to this list and I
will contact you regarding this issue. As you know anytime a problem
arises about the interaction of two or more vendors products neither will
want to address the issue. I am interested in finding ISPs that want to
assist Netscape and Cyclone to interact and QUICKLY resolve this problem.
I WILL NOT REPOST this message and I am willing to start another
independent list service for this issue if needed. Please feel free to
post this notice to any other list that you feel might find additional
users facing this problem, without it being treated as SPAM.
>Michael Whisenant