Re: Backbone provider

David Payer ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:24:29 -0600

> My company is an IPP in New York (no dialup access). We host several web
> sites, email domains, etc. We also do our own DNS so we don't need that
> from elsewhere - we only need the connectivity and a class C. We are
> currently running on a 56k frame relay from Netcom. We have a quote from
> Netcom but want to see what another backbone provider has to offer. From
> our statistics it looks like we'll be needing an upgrade to a frac T-1
> or 256k). Can anyone recommend a backbone provider that has:
> 24x7 support
> Frac T-1 including a class C.
> We're looking to get this as inexpensive (read CHEAP) as possible.

This is the kind of situation where you may want to consider colocation.
You could put your box on someone's network for anywhere from
$300-$800/month (lots of variables here) and they would provide you with IP
addresses and you make web sites to your hearts content. You/your web
visitors would have faster access than via a fractional connection. This
would save you the headaches of network administration. (ie, instead of
being the person that is called at midnight about how a customer's website
is not available right now AND I WANT TO KNOW WHY - you can be the caller

David Payer

PS - sure, we do that.