Backbone provider

Howie Hamlin ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:23:32 -0500

My company is an IPP in New York (no dialup access). We host several web
sites, email domains, etc. We also do our own DNS so we don't need that
from elsewhere - we only need the connectivity and a class C. We are
currently running on a 56k frame relay from Netcom. We have a quote from
Netcom but want to see what another backbone provider has to offer. From
our statistics it looks like we'll be needing an upgrade to a frac T-1 (128
or 256k). Can anyone recommend a backbone provider that has:

24x7 support
Frac T-1 including a class C.

We're looking to get this as inexpensive (read CHEAP) as possible.

You can email me personally to keep the bandwidth off of this list.

Thanks in advance,

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