Re: Compaq Isporte vs. Ascend 4048

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:49:26 -0500

I do not want to plug in an POTS lines. They would disallow the use of 56k.

>From Microcom Web Site

Dual PRI/T1/E1 Adapter
The Compaq Microcom 4000 is provisioned to support PRI, T1, and E1 with a
TDM bus as part of its midplane design. A dual PRI/T1/E1 card and digital
modem adapter channelize and route individual lines to the various modems in
the Compaq Microcom 4000. For larger installations, where tariffing is
appropriate, the PRI/T1/E1 interface provides a scaleable and more
cost-effective solution than ordinary analog phone lines. The PRI interface
also allows a remote BRI data call to be processed by the Compaq Microcom

Despite the last line above it appears that the only way for it to process
connections is via PPTP per below.

33.6 and 56Kbps Digital Configurations
Choose to configure either channelized T1 or PRI service. 33.6 or 56Kbps
modems may be utilized. Individual spans must be solely 33.6 or 56Kbps
modems. A future release of the Compaq 4000 will allow users to mix and
match 33.6 and 56Kbps modems over the same span. The PRI interface provides
support for ISDN TA calls via PPTP tunneling.

John Miller

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>In order for the T1/PRI card to work that way, you have to put in digital
>adapters for the modems.. then you have no place to plug in the POTS