Re: memory leak??

Sam R. Akhtar ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 12:17:11 -0500

>I recently discovered a nasty memory leak in one of our servers and
>love to know if anyone's got a cure for it. At the moment, I have no
>where it's coming from. The machine is a dual-Pentium 133 with 256MB
>and 64MB swapfile; NT 4.0 SP3 with some hot-fixes. It was last
rebooted a
>few days before Christmas '97. According to Task Manager, about 172MB
>being used (added all the memory being used by the processes), but it
>that 278MB of 309MB is being used.


We've got a similar machine setup that's used for close to the same
functions, except that Emerald isn't loaded on there and we also have NT
Mail on that same machine.

We have noticed what _we're_ calling a memory leak and suspect it may
have to do with SQL server, or the interaction between RadiusNT and
SQL... With all due respect to IEA, please note that this is only a
suspicion; we've not had sufficient time or resources to track it down
and it's seemed fairly minor to us.

I'll try to allot some time within the next few days to compare what
you've seen with what we're seeing and maybe we can track it down from

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