Re: memory leak??

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 11:12:36 -0800

Sam R. Akhtar wrote:
> We've got a similar machine setup that's used for close to the same
> functions, except that Emerald isn't loaded on there and we also have NT
> Mail on that same machine.
> We have noticed what _we're_ calling a memory leak and suspect it may
> have to do with SQL server, or the interaction between RadiusNT and
> SQL... With all due respect to IEA, please note that this is only a
> suspicion; we've not had sufficient time or resources to track it down
> and it's seemed fairly minor to us.

RadiusNT AFAIK, doesn't have any general memory leaks. SQL Server
is configurable on the MAXIMUM amount of memory it can use (and its
in 2kb allocations, NOT 1, this can cause it to use a lot more
memory than you thought if configured wrong). SQL WILL use up to
its maximum on a busy system, too. Its DESIGNED that way.

> I'll try to allot some time within the next few days to compare what
> you've seen with what we're seeing and maybe we can track it down from
> there...

Its actually fairly trivial to see memory usage, since task
maneger will show you a representation of memory used per task.

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