Re: emailing invoices to customers

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Mon, 19 Jan 98 12:27:10 PST8PDT


>We are planning to email invoices to customers,
>instead of sending them by snail mail, or courier
>I am looking for a software that would read invoices
>from a database (FoxPro in my case), and automatically
>email them to the appropriate customers.

I have my database spit out a file (invoice) for each person into a
directory. The file name is their username. I then run a perl script
that reads every file and emails it (using the command line interface
for Imail) to them. Works's cheap...I can make any kind of
changes I want to it. I made it so it CC a copy of each invoice to me
so when the customers whine and complain about not getting an invoice I
can quickly search the "invoice" email account and find not only the
email, but the dates.

As an extra bonus, I made the database spit out a reminder invoice 5
days before they are due. People who get invoices via email have a
tendency to forget about them.