Re: webtrends and many sites

matthew ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 11:40:21 -0500

no. i have asked this question to them a few times. in the "future" they
say they will have a version where you can add sites in a command
line/text config type file.

we also have problems where you will tell it to run all the stats for
all the sites (almost 300 in one copy of webtrends) and it will get part
way through and just exit.

and then when you go back in it thinks that all of the stats ran. it is
a real pain because you have little or no way of knowing where it really
left off. especally since we now email 90% of the customers there stats.


Brett M. Hays wrote:
> Does anyone know if adding virtual sites to be analyzed to webtrends can be
> scripted? Seems like a big hassle to add and remove each site manually if
> you have a lot of virtuals?
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