James C Watts ( )
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:05:36 -0600

[James C Watts] This might not be the best list to ask, but I have a
problem. We are still using some maxtech 33.6 modems on some of our
satellite locations. Last week, we ordered 5 more modems, only to discover
that they changed the back of the modems, and now the 25 pin to rj45
adapters that we have will no longer work. They changed the port in the
back of the modem to 9 pin. So, we went out and got some 9 pin to rj45
adapters. My stupid question is this, which wire goes into which pin to
make this thing work. I had the layout for the old ones, but not for this
one. If anybody has a web site that explains it I would appreciate the
info. Thanks