Re: Need NT Admin Experience w/FrontPage 98 Ext.

Misha ( )
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:52:54 -0600 (CST)

> 1. How many Root Webs are you currently running?

> 2. How many subwebs are you currently running?


> 3. How often do you have to re-install a customers extensions do to =93Se=
> Busy
> errors=94 or =93Server error: Webcentral configuration is busy. Please tr=
> again.=94

Extentions do need to be reinstalled. Just remove service.lck from
_vti_pvt directory. So never.

> 4. Any known problems you=92ve faced running FrontPage 98 Extensions with=
> large number (50 or more) of Root Webs and Sub-Webs.

Dial up users need "Log on to network" selected and "Require Encrypted
Password" disabled. Client for Microsoft Networks installed. If EI4.0 is
present, they may need to reinstall Client for Microsoft Networks and
overwrite the new .dll's with older ones to bypass the "NTLM" error. =20