Howie Hamlin ( (no email) )
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:39:43 -0500

I have a CGI that I wrote that uses basic authentication...I'm running it on
WebSite Pro and IIS 3.0. On WebSite, it works like a charm. However, I ran
up against a problem with IIS. Basically, the system allows for two types
of access, Administration and Client (it's a banner system where admins can
set up the entire system but clients can only view their own banner stats).
I have the CGI send a "401 Unauthorized" after which the user needs to enter
a user name and password.

The system keeps the admin account and all the client accounts in its own

WebSite supports authorized user and password CGI vars, but it looks like
IIS only supports authentication via NT SAM. Is this true? I don't want to
have to add banner clients to NT SAM just so they can see stats. Is there
any way around this other than creating my own user name/password input
dialog (which isn't a big deal but I like the standard dialog that pops up
on the browser better).


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