Re: Integrating Linux server with NT-based ISP

Robert W. Beggs ( (no email) )
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 10:52:41 -0500

Endre --

Thanks for the help; my only other responder suggested the same thing, and
from what I know about the two OSs, that will e the best solution. Thanks
for the offer of help - I am sure that I will get back to you on that...


At 10:59 PM 1/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
> Well, I feel quite home on Linux machines, but I don't 100% understand
>your question. If it is only a shell acount you would like to provide
>that is one thing and is simple to do. Just like setting a user up as a
>regular user with privileges to the resources as required. Once that is
>done tell them to use telnet to access it.
> If you want to do dial-up into your Linux box that is a bigger cookie,
>but not impossible, but I am not sure it is worth the hastle to have a
>separate dial-up server and user database on your Linux machine,
>separate from your main Dial-Up database. Still that is for you to
>If you were able to do what is needed or you have other questions I'd be
>glad to give additional help.
>.Endre Palfi
>Robert W. Beggs wrote:
>> NT'ers --
>> I would like the capability of offering a Unix shell account to my
>> customers, which means integrating a Unix server into my setup. I am most
>> familiar with RedHat Linux. Has anyone done this, and be willing to give me
>> some pointers? Your time would be appreciated...
>> Thanks, Robb
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