RE: Microsoft DNS vs others
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 14:41:29 +0000

Well, after the 30 virtual web server (domain) and 60 dialup
lines, some times, the DNS aswer a query as "not found",
being it perfectly existant. The problem wasn't performance.
The documentation of the product says it can only process
5 queries at a time (literally it says "it is hard wired").
We tested the bind DNS, and the problem went away.
We have 2 DNS servers, both dual pentium 133, with
64MB ram, one with NT 4 and the other with NT 3.51, both
had the same problem.

> The MetaInfo product is nothing more than a BIND port for NT with a nice
> Java interface to the db files. What kind of traffic were you seeing
> when the performance started to degrade?

Javier Contreras Albesa
Gerente Tecnico/Technical Manager
Interamerican Net de Venezuela