RE: 56K x2 server side modems

Michael Whisenant ( )
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:17:04 -0600

Throughput??? I'll put any TC chassis vs any box you want to place up
against it. As to the 50 chassis you could have 50 chassis of Livingston
or Ascend and where will you be? I had a Max 4004 and one of the muffin
fans went South after 6 months. To maintain warranty I had to send the max
back. Thats 96 ports for a 5.00 fan. It is also clear you have not used
or dealt with USR. Not trying to get into a flame war, this will be the
last on this thread, but IF you had a situation then USR would Fed-Ex the
NIC and NAC overnight you would take 15 mins to HOT swap the NIC and NAC's
and your back online. The total contol chassis is designed for
flexibility. Also the new version 2 that very few ISP's use right now has
ATM backplane and will support more than can be forseen right now.
Therefore it should be non-obsolete for at least 2 years... hehehehe

At 07:31 PM 12/16/97 -0800, you wrote:
>That wasn't my point, geez. The problem may come around where an ISP buys
>50 TC chassis and has to RETURN them for upgrade (IT IS POSSIBLE). Then
>what happens? you are down 50 boxes. Let's not get off the subject here,
>besides the fact you didn't say *anything* about throughput, just that you
>were "connected" at this speed. That is hardly a throughput speed.