Re: IIS4 upgrade over IIS3?

John Barrett ( )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 14:20:32 -0500

Gregory W. Bondy wrote:
> Greetings,
> I asked this question a few weeks ago and got little response. Given a
> few weeks now, has anyone (un)successfully upgraded an IIS3 installation
> with IIS4? Pratfalls / things to watch out for, etc... Thanks in advance.
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I recently attended a Microsoft "Dog & Pony" show for IIS4 (K2) and was
quite suprised to hear MS suggest that 3.0 be removed prior to install
of IIS4. This is ESPECIALLY true if attempting an install over IIS4 Beta
3. Their support types suggested some important DLL's that could not be
copied over, unless you shut down IIS3 (Disable is more like it, in
Services Applet of the Control Panel) Reboot with IIS3 down, then
perform the upgrade. MS hinted that this was way too much to try and
explain to their Customers (I Guess ISP's are all idiots now, Who in the
hell else would be installing IIS??) so the blanket answer was decided
to be Uninstall/Install combo.

Don't ya just love Techies that are SO GOOD that Billy Boy puts them on
a Road Tour.... *G*

Common sense should prevail here. Back it up.. Tear it down.. Bring it
up fresh.

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