Re: PDC demoted to Server

Jason Hess ( )
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 08:40:34 -0500

John David M. Miller wrote:
> Is there a way to demote a Backup Domain Controller
> to a Standalone Server.
> I am upgrading to IIS4 and the Index Server will not work
> on a PDC or a BDC.
> Will a reinstall of NT allow this without blowing out all
> the currently running software?
> I am hoping there is way to do this that will not require
> a rebuild of all the applications on the drive.
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Nope, definitely not. You can demote a PDC to a BDC and a BDC to a PDC,
but you can't demote either to a standalone without reinstalling. Now
most people here said that you can't keep your runnin programs. I think
you can. If you reinstall into the same directory (usually /WINNT), I
don't think you will have any problems keeping existing programs. I
think if there already exists an NTFS partition it won't reformat it...I
could be off here.
Good Luck,
Jason Hess
CIOE Corporation