Re: HTACCESS with IIS 3.0??

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:51:47 -0300


On 8 Dec 97 at 11:59, you wrote:

> Are there any programs to do user/password authentication like
> htaccess for unix for IIS 3.0?
> I have tried AutheniX or whatever, but I don't feel like paying
> through the nose for that. Is there anything else available?

If you're using IIS 3.0, then you have ASP installed. You can find a
nice example on how to force authentication in a page in the Samples
area of ASP. Usually, you can get there at:


If you use Microsoft FrontPage, you can create a protect web by
changing the "Permissions" properties so that "Only Registered Users
have browse access" and then removing the "Everyone" group from the
list of allowed groups and adding the required groups or users.

There are also lots of freeware solutions available in the web,
either as ASP components or Perl scripts, like NTPass, or Selena Sol
authentication scripts.

I hope this helps.


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