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rkm ( )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 16:01:59 -0500

I use IISA and love it.... great piece of code. I paid $295 for it and have
received two upgrades free. Super support too... lost my serial number in a
rebuild and they emailed me a new one almost immediately with only my email
address and phone number.....

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From: Christian Schmit []
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 1997 7:15 AM
Subject: Web statistics


I began playing with the new IIS4 server and
Site Server Express 2 included in the NT option pack.

Now I tried some of the reports that are possible
with site server express 2 (using usage report and
report writer) but these did not convince me at all!

Can anyone recommend site server express 2 for
creating web statistics from the logfiles?

I also tried Webtrends which seems a lot better to me for
creating reports on the usage of our web server. Can anyone
confirm this?

Any opinions or experiences for creating web statistics?