Radius Recommendations?

Vernon Brooks ( merlin@netnevada.net )
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 13:30:07 -0800

I am in the process of deciding upon Radius Server Software. I am
currently using MacRadius by Cyno ( http://www.cyno.com ). I am pretty
pleased with the product. I like the interface, I like the ability to
group users and assign default attributes to the group, etc. What I don't
like is that it is on the wrong platform. My entire operation is NT.

I am in the process of trying to get NTRadius (from Emerald) working, but
am having much grief. I hope to use it with my existing Platypus (
http://www.boardtown.com ) billing database. The only problem so far is
that there is no easy way to set specific attributes for a user. I should
be more clear. OK, I have Radius working, it is accepting auth requests,
it is auth'ing from the ODBC database for anyone that is located there,
however, I see no easy way to set special attributes, like static IP's,
ISDN or analog, etc. From what Platypus has told me, I have to do that
kind of thing in ISQL. Well, all of this is still a bit over my head, so I
am still learning in that regard. Has anyone else gotten these two
working together? Anyone using both and going through the same thing?
Please drop me a line if you are, It would be greatly appreciated.

I am also still looking at other products. I glanced at Funk Software's
"Steel Belted Radius". It sounds real nice, but with a price tag of $4000
(no, that is not a misprint) it just isn't gonna happen. Anyone else know
of any other Radius Server Software out there for NT that will:

1) Tie into an ODBC database
2) Has a nice GUI for adding users

or even better, both?

BTW, has anyone already built a GUI for Emeralds NTRadius? If that is
available, it would at least be a step in the right direction..

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