Re: Credit Card entries on new accounts

Jim Dunmyer ( )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 13:46:16 -0400

At 10:27 AM 4/16/98 -0400, you wrote:=20
> Using Emerald 2.1.11, my office manager has come to me with a (as she puts
> it, "not a problem, just a minor annoyance")
> It seems that when she enters a new MBR and selects MasterCard off the=
> list for type of card under the billing tab, and then switches to the=
> tab and clicks save and close, she receives an error:=A0 SQL Command=
> She clicks OK, goes back to the billing tab.
> The credit card type has changed to MC
> She reselects MasterCard, goes back to the Master tab, clicks save, and it
> saves just fine...........
> ??????? :)
> =A0

That's fixed in a later version of Emerald.