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David Mulberry ( )
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:11:50 -0400

Thanks, I was forgetting the Radius settings and trying to do it with
Emerald only.

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If you have Concurrency control and Variable Login Limits checked on the
RadiusNT Administrator, you can alter the service in Emerald by doing

Open the MBR
Click on the Services tab
Edit the Service you want to limit
On the Service's General tab, change the Login Limit field. If you want
only 1 login at a time, set it to 1. If you want 2 logins at a time,
2, and so on.

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Subject: Concurrent Logons
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Ok here is an easy one that I know has been answered before but have

Which field limits concurrent logins??? And what should it be set at to
limit to logins to one, two...etc???

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