Re: Operator Access

Jim Dunmyer ( )
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:35:38 -0500

At 05:45 PM 4/2/98 -0600, you wrote:

>We have 1200+ customers, and we have been using it for almost 1.5 years.
>Dale has been touting many features and promising several upgrades since
>August or September last year, and we have NOT seen even a bug fix from him.
>We are just trying to decide wether to sink more money in it or invest in a
>whole new package.
>Emerald's integration with RadiusNT and Serv-U have been invaluable. Every
>time I make complain about malfunctions without being REAL precise, I get
>shot down. But there have been some real issues that we have just learned
>to live with.
I'm not in a position to buy another package at this time, and the pain of
getting Emerald running and our learning to use it is very fresh in my
mind. We'll not be changing anytime soon.

I still like Emerald a lot, and it 'mostly' works the way I want. Like you,
I'd like to see the new version, and didn't realize just how long you guys
had been waiting. However, I was involved in the beta testing of the eSoft
IPAD, which is a VERY complicated software/hardware product, so know how
long it can take. THAT one was nearly 2 years in beta testing, albeit being
sold at the time.