Re: Operator Access

John Lange ( )
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 17:45:31 -0600


Don't get me wrong...

Emerald does alot of stuff real well.

We have 1200+ customers, and we have been using it for almost 1.5 years.
Dale has been touting many features and promising several upgrades since
August or September last year, and we have NOT seen even a bug fix from him.

We are just trying to decide wether to sink more money in it or invest in a
whole new package.

Emerald's integration with RadiusNT and Serv-U have been invaluable. Every
time I make complain about malfunctions without being REAL precise, I get
shot down. But there have been some real issues that we have just learned
to live with.

I can't help but think that someone out there may have written a real
choice software package, and has the manpower and resources to complete the
project. It seems that Dale's efforts have been tied up with enhancing
RadiusNT, and not enough time to work on Emerald.

JOhn :}

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