On-Line users

InterSAT Internet ( isp@intersatx.net )
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 18:59:14 -0600

I am having a strange problem viewing my on-line users. Do we
to be using RadiusNT for both authentication _and_ accounting to be
to view the current on-liine users? Right now I have it setup to
authentication on another machine (we are making the transition one
at a time) and accounting on our machine running Emerald and
When I turned accounting over to this machine, I immediately began
seeing entries in the Calls table (both start and stop events).
And the
CallsOnline table began to be filled in correctly as well. Then
after a
period of time I noticed that even as stop events poured in, the
corresponding entry in the CallsOnline table didn't clear. Should
These long-gone users are still listed in the On-Line section of
Emerald Client. This is rather odd. Is this correct behavior?

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