E-Mail Invoice w/ Charge Error

Luc Richard ( lrichard@slcnet.net )
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 13:25:57 -0800

When I print the invoice, everything looks fine. The setup fee shows up as
a separate line item before the normal dial-up account charge. The type
does show up as "renewal" when I edit the invoice which I assume is okay.
I guess I can just create a separate invoice for the setup fee but first
wanted to know if there was a reason or workaround for this.

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Luc Richard wrote:
> I am getting "5: invalid procedure call" when trying to e-mail an
> This particular invoice has a separate charge on it (setup fee). Others
> work fine.
> I saw something in the archives about this being a bug?
> Is there a workaround?

I remember an issue in creating an invoice for an MBR that had a
charge, but not emailing it. If you display the invoice, do you
see anything out of the ordinary for it? A charge should be just
another invoice line item, and the Email routine doesn't have a
clue that its different from a recurring service charge.

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