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Michael Whisenant ( )
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 09:52:48 -0600


The problem that I am faced in the TC is that a user will get two
connections, yet unless they are using an ASCEND then they never bond.
This will result in 2 64K channels and even though data is passing over the
second channel the TC does not see it and will drop the 2nd call as soon as
the idle timeout is reached. Using a decoder the client see a rejection to
bond the 2nd channel from the TC, which means that the 3COM and USR ISDN
modems are NOT compatible? The ASCEND products will show the second
channel as <MULTILINK:I0> or whatever port the first connection is located on.

At 11:15 AM 3/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Well we are using USR Total Control Chassis and we have NO problems with
>The thing is USR does not support BACP but the BACP on the client's side
>function without any problems. Clients who need 128k will normally be
able to
>demand it as we set up 2 concurrent logins within the Emerald user setup.
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>Subject: Re: Multi-link PPP
>>Slightly off topic... But:
>>I don't know about radius, but on Ascend, there is a considerable
>>difference. MPP must be used for any multilink connection. PPP will only
>>allow one connection.
>>There is another problem involved with Ascend to Livingston Connections.
>>An ascend dialing into a PM3, the ascend must have MPP turned on to do a
>>multilink session. Unfortunately, the PM3 does not support the MPP
>>protocol fully. I will allow an inital 2 channel connection, but if one
>>channel drops, the ascend will no be able to pick up the second channel
>>again unless both channels are dropped. Ascend says they will not support
>>BACP and Livingston says no to MPP. Now that they are both owned by
>>Lucent, we'll see.
>>At 11:57 AM 3/5/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>Michael Whisenant wrote:
>>>> I have seen conflicting issues about multi-link and radius,
>>should the
>>>> standard Framed-Protocol be MPP or PPP.
>>>Its a NAS intepretation. Most don't differentiate between the two.
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