Re: Multi-link PPP

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:34:24 -0500

> From: Kurt Schafer <>
> As far as I've ever seen, MPP is an Ascend specific attribute which
> for their implementation of multilink called Multilink Protocol Plus.
> >Michael Whisenant wrote:
> >>I have seen conflicting issues about multi-link and radius,
> >>should the standard Framed-Protocol be MPP or PPP.

MPP = Ascend's Multilink Protocol Plus (aka: MP+)
This is backward compatible with MP.
MP = Multilink Protocol

For our RadiusNT settings (dial-up customers), we use Framed-Protocol = MP
and we've never had a problem (Ascend Max 40xx units). For that matter, we
originally had it set to MPP and that worked fine also. If you're using
Max 40xx, only 5.0Ai4 (and newer Incremental releases) support MP for
dial-up customers. The Patch releases never supported it. Now that 6.0.0
is out, I'm assuming that MP/MPP is supported for dial-up customers, though
I haven't tested MP using 6.0.0 yet.

Josh Hillman