Time to do a Call Consolidation

John Lange ( radadmin@palacenet.net )
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 13:42:46 -0600

HI Dale & All

Emerald 2.2.38

Well it's that dreaded time of the month again. My 500 MB log device is at
400MB and climbing. We have had nothing but disasters trying to run call
consolidations. Every time in the past when we ran this with previous
versions we lost all of the records.

I tried to run the summary and got an error:
Clicked on Summary, Chose 1, Clicked on charges.
Got -> This will consolidate ..., Chose Yes
Got -> Error executing consolidation Procedure! <-

So I ran in iSQL the following:

DELETE FROM Calls WHERE AcctStatusType = 1

It ran for an hour with NO error messages.

The log device did NOT reduce in size. I tried to truncate the db and it

I can increase the log device again, but I want to reduce it when the job
is done. Can't figure out how to do that either.

The options I see are to:
1. fix the problem
2. continue adding hard drives
3. use 2.1.11 and loose all the data again

JOhn :}

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