Radius Crash

Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:59:20 -0500

OK, first a little setup information. I've got RadiusNT 2.2.41 running, one
machine is running as the verification server, the other is running as the
accounting (and backup verification) server. Both are logging to SQLserver 6.5.

I had a user with a userID of "bobsyouruncle" signup today. He accidently
put his userID in his dialup networking entry as "bobsyouruncle "
(think there were about 30 spaces or so after his name.

Every single time he would try and login the verification radius server
would refuse him access since it was the wrong user name, then a popup
DrWatson window would come up as Radius crashed. Right after it crashed on
the verification server the accounting server radius would get an accounting
packed and it too would crash.

It occurs to me I could pretty much crash any radius server at any ISP now
that I know the trick. Does anyone consider this to be a bad thing? Is there
a cure?