RE: External System Problems once again

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 13:34:00 -0800

Ok. I fixed the permissions problem and Emerald can know write to the
extends file, but it is only writing the username and date the account was
created. Any ideas as to what causes this?

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>Dear Dale,
> I know I've had this problem once before but I can't seem to remember how
>to fix it. I setup a Linux host with samba, admin$ share, and etc. but
>I export to it I get "75:Path/File access error". Under external systems
>looks like this:
> Work dir: \\machinename\admin$\extends
> Logfile: \\machinename\admin$\extends.log

Do you have write permissions to the directory? Try opening the directory
by clicking on start, run \\machinename\admin$ if you can bring up the
directory, then try to copy a file to it. If you can't then you need to
check Samba's access.conf and/or use chmod to modify your file system

> Also when I type "dir \\machinename\admin$\ " I can see the files.
>Although I don't see my machine in Network Neighborhood. Any suggestions?

$ shares are HIDDEN. If you want to be able to browse the share via network
neighborhood/explorer/etc. then you must remove the $ or EXPLICTLY type the
full path to the share.


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