Re: External System Problems once again

Robert Boyle ( )
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 16:19:31 -0500

At 01:09 PM 2/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Dale,
> I know I've had this problem once before but I can't seem to remember how
>to fix it. I setup a Linux host with samba, admin$ share, and etc. but when
>I export to it I get "75:Path/File access error". Under external systems it
>looks like this:
> Work dir: \\machinename\admin$\extends
> Logfile: \\machinename\admin$\extends.log

Do you have write permissions to the directory? Try opening the directory
by clicking on start, run \\machinename\admin$ if you can bring up the
directory, then try to copy a file to it. If you can't then you need to
check Samba's access.conf and/or use chmod to modify your file system

> Also when I type "dir \\machinename\admin$\ " I can see the files.
>Although I don't see my machine in Network Neighborhood. Any suggestions?

$ shares are HIDDEN. If you want to be able to browse the share via network
neighborhood/explorer/etc. then you must remove the $ or EXPLICTLY type the
full path to the share.


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