Re: Invoices & Renewals

Michael Whisenant ( )
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 09:19:06 -0600

>*) If we had A Service that extends for almost 16 months and when the
>Allocated (TimeLeft) is finished the customer wants to re-new his account
>so we have to issue another Invoice but it wont issue seems the only
>solution is to VOID the old Invoice then Issue the new Invoice (and that is
>not preferable) .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To address this issue. The way Emerald is designed to work is on a renewal
timeframe. The reason that you have to VOID the old invoice and then it
will allow you to recreate it is that the original timeperiod is for a
longer period of time. For example.. Original invoice covers time period
from 1/1/97 to 1/1/98 then on 11/1/97 if you try to generate an inovice it
will not. Why because the timeperiod has not expired! If as I saw on this
thread you are trying to use timebanking. Emerald does not support this,
yet. Dale has many features requested, yet the overall package is designed
to perform to the mass number of ISPs. His theory is basically a NO PAY NO
PLAY! I had concerns, but after 18 months of using this product, IT WORKS!

Several people want him to implement this feature, as others are asking
for balance forward accounting, others (including myslef) as wanting the
ability to change the verbage in the e-mailed invoices, and everyone should
want him to become Y2K compliant. I hope noone here has government
contracts that now require certification of Y2K compliance, at least until
the long awaited release of v2.5.....