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Mike Roberts ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 13:25:38 -0700

How is that helping his/our NT Mail problem? I already own a license =
for NT Mail and have been using it for almost two years. Unless you are =
planning on crediting me the price I paid for NT Mail towards your =
product then I am probably not interested.

Perhaps you should create a separate "advertising my product thread" as =
opposed to offering NT Mail users the advice of buying a new mail server =
in the "NT Mail/Emerald performance thread."

As far as you advice goes, did you consider that your advice might make =
someone stop considering using Emerald entirely? They may not want to =
change mail servers to whatever you are touting just because "we have =
many customers running the product with Emerald..." NT Mail may be the =
highest priority on their inter-operability list.

If you need a listserv of your own let me know, we sell those to =
customers who are advertising and supporting their products.

Take care,

* Mike Roberts
* DataWest Internet, LLC
* Colorado Springs=20

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We have many customers running the product with Emerald without any
performance problems. We also have many customers switching from =


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>I am getting poor performance from my NTmail/Emerald setup.