Re: NTMail Performance

Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 09:09:29 +1000

Oh yes. MailSite 2.1.x with Emerald support straight out of the box is by
far a much more robust and stable mail server. We tried NTMail at first,
but gave up. MailSite is rock-solid.

Steve Williams

>We had the same problem with NTMail and were never able to correct it. We
>switched over to MailSite, and it couldn't be running better... I would
>defenetily recommend MailSite over NTMail (with the purpose of
>authenticating from Emerald) any day.
>Jeremy Domingue
>Tehachapi Mountain Internet
>> I am getting poor performance from my NTmail/Emerald setup.
>> NTMail is running on a machine with 128Mb ram/P200(Just a plain old 200)
>> and IIS4 with a few domains. After running for a day or so, POP and SMTP
>> occupy about 70-90 MB of RAM by themselves, and inetinfo user another