Re: Radius Running As A Service On An Alpha Machine

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:44:03 -0800

Elon Richards wrote:
> Is there anyone out there who is also running RadiusNT as a service on
> an Alpha machine. I reason I am asking is because we have to be
> constantly stoppiing and re-starting the service for it to proccess
> requests. For instance, I had a scenario where the Calls On Line tab was
> reporting that a user was still logged on. A quick check on the NAS
> showed that the user had logged off. As soon as I stop and restarted the
> service, the SQL trace which, luckily, was running at that time showed
> the Calls table being updated with the Stop record. What made us check
> the service was the fact that users were calling and complaining that
> they were getting invalid password error messages. Is this a new thing
> or are we doing something wrong?? Of note, once the service is
> re-started, no problems occur for a little while. Help......

We ran it quite a while on a couple of Alpha boxes here. We've
since dedicated them to SQL Server and just use intel boxes for
the RadiusNT servers.

Use the "radius.exe -install" to install it as a service
and then you can start/stop the service using with either the
net command or the control panel.

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