Re: Queries

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:29:59 -0800

> The SQL statement as requested follows:
> Select Start=DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctSessionTime, CallDate),
> (AcctSessionTime/60)+1, (AcctInputOctets/1000)+1, (AcctOutputOctets/1000)+1,
> Location, UserName, AcctTerminateCause, Server, NASPort From Calls, Servers
> Where (Username='edi01034uurk') and CallDate >= '1/6/98' and CallDate <=
> '2/6/98' and AcctStatusType=2 And NASIdentifier=IPAddress Order by Start

The abve executes w/out error here (not returning any rows, though).
If you use iswl_w to execute it against your database, what
error is returned?

> Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way, while I was capturing the
> above SQL statement, I noticed a SQL statement updating the RadLogs table
> which as far as I can remember from the documentation was a debugging table
> used to logged different responses from the RadiusNT Service. When a quick
> select statement was executed on the RadLogs table, it was empty. What
> happened to the record(s) which as far as the SQL Trace showed were supposed
> to have updated the table??? Help....

You may not have the data field in your RadLogs table (and the insert
is failing). If you don't, then run the following tidbit in isql_w:

ADD Data varchar (50) NULL DEFAULT NULL

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