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Tue, 27 Jan 1998 14:47:21 -0500

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Elon Richards wrote:
> >
> > Is there any way of allowing users to change their login passwords via
> > the internet in Emerald?
> There are a couple of sample passwords webpages (asp/idc) on the ftp
> site in /emerald/contrib.
> > While using the Emerald client, and editing a user in the database, we
> > clicked on the Time On tab. We then clicked the Update command button
> > which generated a SQL Query error. Using the SQL trace, we realised that
> > whatever values was typed into the Start Time and Stop Time fields were
> > being treated as character in the query when compared to the CallDate
> > field. What little knowledge I have of SQL queries says that this will
> > never work even if a valid date string is entered in these fields. Has
> > anyone reported this problem and is there a cure to it??
> Dates ARE treated like characters in SQL. :) What version of Emerald
> are you using? Send me the SQL Statement that you captured.
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Hi Dale,

The SQL statement as requested follows:

Select Start=DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctSessionTime, CallDate),
(AcctSessionTime/60)+1, (AcctInputOctets/1000)+1, (AcctOutputOctets/1000)+1,
Location, UserName, AcctTerminateCause, Server, NASPort From Calls, Servers
Where (Username='edi01034uurk') and CallDate >= '1/6/98' and CallDate <=
'2/6/98' and AcctStatusType=2 And NASIdentifier=IPAddress Order by Start

Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way, while I was capturing the
above SQL statement, I noticed a SQL statement updating the RadLogs table
which as far as I can remember from the documentation was a debugging table
used to logged different responses from the RadiusNT Service. When a quick
select statement was executed on the RadLogs table, it was empty. What
happened to the record(s) which as far as the SQL Trace showed were supposed
to have updated the table??? Help....



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