Re: Calls history table.. gone?

Webjogger Billing ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 12:08:29 -0500

Dale E. Reed wrote:

> Upgrade to 2.1.11 (which is not the latest production release). I've
> posted several times that 2.1.8 had a problem where when you delete
> an MBR, it could delete all of the CallHistory, not just the CallHistory
> associated to the MBR.

> It doesn't affect the billing anyways. You just loose the historical
> refecrence. The billing is in the charges table.

I run call history consolidations weekly, before batch-billing my
customers. In this situation, will a customer on a monthly billing period
be charged appropriately if their total Internet usage over the last FULL
MONTH prior to their expire date exceeds their alloted time?

Also, is there some way I can still view a customer's total hours of usage
for a billing period if the calls history table has been deleted by

(I'm holding off on upgrading to 2.2 because it's "use at your own risk"
and I don't want to risk it!)