Re: Calls history table.. gone?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 14:26:34 -0800

Webjogger Billing wrote:
> Dale E. Reed wrote:
> > Upgrade to 2.1.11 (which is not the latest production release). I've
> > posted several times that 2.1.8 had a problem where when you delete
> > an MBR, it could delete all of the CallHistory, not just the CallHistory
> > associated to the MBR.
> > It doesn't affect the billing anyways. You just loose the historical
> > refecrence. The billing is in the charges table.
> I run call history consolidations weekly, before batch-billing my
> customers. In this situation, will a customer on a monthly billing period
> be charged appropriately if their total Internet usage over the last FULL
> MONTH prior to their expire date exceeds their alloted time?

Emerald doesn't bill on month boundaries. It bills on annivaersary
boundaries. If the rate for their service is set correctly and
they use more than specified in their billing cycle, then a charge
will be added to their account for it.

> Also, is there some way I can still view a customer's total hours of usage
> for a billing period if the calls history table has been deleted by
> accident?


> (I'm holding off on upgrading to 2.2 because it's "use at your own risk"
> and I don't want to risk it!)

Its actually not that bad. I would recommend installing it on one
machine and trying it out. The consolidation is much better than 2.1.
Most (if not all) of our major sites are running 2.2, if that makes
you feel any better.

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