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Laslo Orto ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:39:55 -0500

The 4 means 4 bytes long integer, which can be a number betwean 0 and
You should be able to do what you want with this:

insert into serverports (serverid,port) values ((select serverid from
servers where server='yourservernamehere'),PORTNUMBER)

repeat for every port number you want to add

At 12:21 PM 1/15/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I looked at the port field in the database and it is defined as 4 int ...
>which to me means that it is only capable of 4 digits.. ie 6010 but not
>I also looked at the Cisco page about the attributes and it appears that
>the IETF defined the NAS-Port as being 5 digits....
>Here is their info...
>Indicates the physical port number of the network access server that is
>authenticating the user. The NAS-Port value (32 bits) consists of one or
>two 16-bit values (depending on the setting of the radius-server
>extended-portnames command.) Each 16-bit number should be viewed as a
>5-digit decimal integer for interpretation as follows:
>For asynchronous terminal lines, async network interfaces, and virtual
>async interfaces, the value is 00ttt, where ttt is the line number or async
>interface unit number.
>For ordinary synchronous network interface, the value is 10xxx.
>For channels on a primary rate ISDN interface, the value is 2ppcc.
>For channels on a basic rate ISDN interface, the value is 3bb0c.
>For other types of interfaces, the value is 6nnss.
>As you can see from the last line.. the 60100.. etc is defined as 6nnss
>Maybe this will help to point me in the right direction!!!!!!!
>As for entering the ports.. Microsoft Visual InterDev will allow me to use
>the tables just like I would be using a spreadsheet... so I can enter them
>their.. except I am limited to 4 int....
>On Thursday, January 15, 1998 12:08 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr.
>[] wrote:
>> Ronnie D. Franklin wrote:
>> >
>> > 5. I have been unable to configure the ports numbers via
>> > EmeraldAdm. SQL Server Error: 207 Invalid column
>> > name "microcom1". microcom1 being the name of the
>> > NAS in the Servers Table. I have used both 2.1.11 and
>> > 2.2.31 EmeraldAdm
>> >
>> > Any helpful hints would be nice.. Once all is done I will share my
>setup files with anyone that is interested in this product.
>> The only thing I can think of to resolve this is to use something
>> like MS Query to manuall the the entries to your ServerPorts table.
>> The only two fields that are relevant are the ServerID and Port
>> fields. The ServerID must match the ServerID field for the Microcom
>> in the Servers table. Port is just the port. Add as many as it
>> returns in the NAS-Port field for accounting.
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