Progress reporting on 2.5

David Khoury ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 10:24:57 +1100

Hi Dale ... I was wondering if it were possible that you could make daily
or weekly progress reports on Emerald 2.5 to this list. Basically
something along the line of what John Carmack writes in his .plan file for
QuakeII and other projects he works on (for an example, try

The general manager is continually asking me when the next release of
Emerald will be ready. Having these reports, I can confidently tell him
WHY it is taking so long instead of just stammering the usual reply of
"it's still in BETA".

It was good of you to conditionally release Emerald 2.2 . I'm just about
to download it now to see what it is like on our test SQL server. If the
interface and database design are similar to Emerald 2.5, then this should
prepare me for that release, saving me weeks of testing before I fully
implement it on our "production" server.

Thanks for your time.

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